Dear Valued Patron,

When the Brevard Philharmonic made the decision to cancel the “Sensational Strings” concert on March 15th, everyone hoped that a few weeks of “social distancing” would help us get COVID-19 under control. The months since has seen the virus continue to spread in our state and nation. With guidance from the CDC and Governor Cooper and with an abundance of concern for the health and welfare of our patrons, musicians, staff, and community-at-large, the Brevard Philharmonic has canceled the final two concerts (April 5 and May 17) of the 2019-2020 season. As disappointing as it is to end our season this way, the cancellation of these performances was the only responsible course of action.

There are going to be significant financial challenges to all orchestras and performing arts organizations as we make our way through these uncertain times. We would like for you to know, however, that the Brevard Philharmonic is continuing to plan for the 2020-2021 season. We are looking forward to announcing this season to you as soon as some sense of normalcy returns.

We thank you for your interest in and support of the Brevard Philharmonic, and we wish for good health and wellness for you and your loved ones.

Best regards,
Glenn Cockerham
President, Board of Directors

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MIS update

Even though schools are closed right now, there is still a lot going on with the Brevard Philharmonic Music in the Schools program. After the new expansion to and the wildly successful presentation to 6th graders this past February, the Music in the Schools committee is currently meeting (online, of course). They are developing plans to continue the middle school expansion into the 7th grade with a test run slated for the next academic year.  Paul Stroebel, the principal second violin, is forming a string quartet from the Brevard Philharmonic to implement a presentation utilizing the 7th-grade social studies and language arts curriculum as well as including arts education. 

Take a look at the video clips below to see and hear what went on in the Transylvania County middle schools in the pilot program for 6th grade.  In collaboration with 6th-grade teachers and the science curriculum, the newly formed Brevard Philharmonic woodwind quintet explored the physics of sound and how sound is made in a relaxed and fun atmosphere.  Stephen Loew, principal clarinet, introduced the oscilloscope, which was used throughout to project sound waves and frequencies on a screen as the musicians played.  Jennifer Anderson, principal bassoon, demonstrated double reed instruments.  Students spontaneously broke into song during the theme song from the movie Frozen.  A student demonstrated a homemade instrument which was one of the science projects in this unit of study.  And, students explored the concept of pitch and being in tune.

Thank you to the Transylvania Endowment for a grant making it possible to plan and design the expansion of the Music in the Schools program into the middle schools!  Funding for this program was provided by Transylvania Endowment, an affiliate fund of The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. The Transylvania Endowment is an endowment created to support the charitable needs of our community.