June 2014, from Jinks Ramsey

We are at the end of Brevard Philharmonic's fiscal year and it has been an incredible year. We
have had more season ticket holders and more donors and more grants than ever before! We just
hope this momentum continues. New Board members are accepting the challenge to bring the
wonderful music that Brevard Philharmonic produces to our community for the 2014­2015
season,. You really can hardly top this past year which featured Mischa Dichter and Cirque de la
Symphonie but we will! Just check you season ticket schedule for next year. Music is a strong
life blood of Brevard's identity and we intend to do what is necessary to make that a continuam.
To complete this fantastic year we enjoyed a fantastic fundraiser, our last great performance, “A
Classic Feast for Bons Appetits” which featured our favorite music and food for a fabulous
evening,­ classic blues and hors d'oeuvres, classic jazz and summer supper, and classic strings and
dessert. Blues by Brian Philips & Lee Griffin Trio, jazz by the Jason DeCristofaro Trio and classic
strings by The Opal String Quartet, who has won over our school population for the last five years
and will continue to do so. The event took place at the Burt Alumni House at Brevard Music
Center and if you weren't there you really missed something more that special. Everyone who
attended raved about it. What a great ending for the 2013­2014 year!
Brevard Philharmonic is very grateful for the participation of all the donating food providers:
Marco Trattoria, The Falls Landing, Jordan Street Cafe, Quotations, Cakes & Such, Bracken
Mountain Bakery, Blue Ridge Bakery, Dugan's, Food Matters Market, Kiwi Gelato, Mary
Sauerteig, Celeste Lockard, and a new chef moving to Brevard, Jaime.
The Feast Committee gave their all and more to present this wonderful occasion and deserve great
thanks: Karla Atkinson, Mary Sauerteig, Carole Futrelle, Polly Averette, Kady Hendrix, Leslie
New Board members, Jason Lefler, Jeremy Gibbs, and Paul Wilander with Ty Hendrix were a
wonderful support team for the evening.
C­Notes has been a great monetary support for all the wonderful extras that are so necessary for
the orchestra to present their unique programs. They have supported Music in the Schools,
coordinated by Aleta Tisdale, provided special food and housing for orchestra members, allowed
for extra rehearsals to make the performances even better as well as hiring special needed
musicians for certain presentations.
Thank you C­Noters!!
Our new and necessary volunteer program, “The Bass Line,” will give us new working members
who can help to move Brevard Philharmonic towards more community ownership and
involvement. Office support, production support and event management will be on the
organization agenda. New Board member, Jane Davidowski, is helping Polly Averette develop
this wonderful new program for Brevard Philharmonic. Thank you, Polly and Jane!
I wish to thank the entire Board of Directors which I have served for the last three years for their
unwavering support. Every member has served loyally and well and always with the good of
Brevard Philharmonic as their goal. It has been a privilege to be a part of such a dynamic and
accomplished team. Karla Atkinson and John Luzena are leaving the Board with me today. They
have been the backbone of the organization for many years and deserve more than any thanks we
could give them.
They will continue to serve as volunteers in much the same way as they have in the past, for in
truth, we could not manage without them. Thank you Karla and John for your brilliance!!
I know the new Board will be exceptional and move the organization to further success in the
With Carole Futrelle as President, Kristine Candler as Vice­President, Polly Averette as Secretary
and Ed Tisdale continuing as Treasurer, the new Board of Directors will have an outstanding
Executive Committee.
I will continue to wish only the best for Brevard Philharmonic. The orchestra, Maestro and
musicians, are important to all of us. They enrich our community and support our important
musical heritage.
Everyone who loves the classics and wants them to survive must work very hard to uplift them in
every way possible. Please keep up the good work that has already been established!

Best of luck always!!!
Jinks Ramsey