Organized in Spring 2011, C Notes is a vital supporting affiliate of the Brevard Philharmonic. The annual fundraising goal is 100 members donating $101 annually to help fund the Brevard Philharmonic and its community outreach programs. Thanks to increased membership and donations above $101, C Notes has consistently exceeded that annual goal. Their benefits to the Philharmonic include increasing the quality and size of the orchestra, providing monies for more rehearsal time, supporting the cost of outstanding guest artists, and supporting Brevard Philharmonic’s unique key mission: the Music in the Schools Program. Since its inception, C Notes has generously furnished refreshments for orchestra members and provided housing for out-of-town musicians.

Some C Notes members are also ticket holders, additional donors and sponsors, and members of Bass Line, the volunteer organization of the Brevard Philharmonic. The Brevard Philharmonic appreciates and is enriched by the generosity of the gifts of C Notes members.

To be part of C Notes and for more information about how you can assist and sustain the needs of the Brevard Philharmonic, please call 884-4221 or click here. Or you can click the button below.