Each concert costs the BP about $20,000! Wow! Tickets only cover about 40% of that cost; so we, like all orchestras, depend heavily on donations to help us cover our budget. Because we use volunteers so heavily, we keep our costs down – but we really need your help!

Explore this section to learn how become involved – here you can Donate, Volunteer, Become a Sponsor or visit Our Sponsors. You can also learn about C-Notes membership and the Music in the Schools program.


Brevard Philharmonic asks for your ongoing support. Your tax-deductible contribution keeps us going, providing concerts and supporting outreach programs for the school children in our wonderful town. Please mail your check, made out to Brevard Philharmonic, to

Brevard Philharmonic
P. O. Box 1547
Brevard, NC 28712

Thank you!


Want to get involved? The Bass Line is the volunteer team for the Brevard Philharmonic and, just as a musical bass line supports a composition’s melody and defines rhythm, volunteers for the Brevard Philharmonic help sustain excellent orchestral music in Transylvania County.

We are currently looking for:

  • Stage Manager
  • Telephone Volunteers
  • Publicity Help

Contact us today! Phone: 828-884-4221 or email info@brevardphilharmonic.org